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3rd Annual Conference in Case Study Teaching in Science
The aim of our annual fall conference is to bring together people who are interested in teaching science using case studies. It is designed for experienced case study teachers who want to sharpen their case writing and teaching skills as well as newcomers to . . .
Keywords:  Case Teaching
Event Date(s): October 4, 2002 to October 5, 2002
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National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
Although the case method has been used for years to teach law, business, and medicine, it is not common in science. Yet the use of case studies holds great promise as a pedagogical technique for teaching science, particularly to undergraduates, because it humanizes science and well illustrates scien . . .
Keywords:  case teaching
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Teaching And Learning With Cases
This collection provides materials from a 1995 workshop on active learning through analysis of cases. This reference includes basics of case teaching, classroom techniques, instructions for researching and writing decision cases, and integrating decision case discussions with cooperative learning st . . .
Keywords:  Active Learning, Case Teaching, Cooperative Learning.
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