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1   Work First, Study Second: Adult Undergraduates Who Combine Employment and Postsecondary Enrollment
Most older students combine employment and postsecondary schooling, but some consider themselves to be primarily students (who work), while others emphasize their role as employees (who study). This analysis compares two groups of working adult undergraduates enrolled in 1999–2000 according to the e . . .
Keywords:  diversity, gender-related issues, recruitment of students, teaching support
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2   Supporting Teaching in Your Department
According to this article in Academic Leader (June 2002), while not every faculty member has the potential of becoming a great teacher, chairs can do a lot to get faculty to focus on and improve their teaching by setting an example, providing incentives, and creating an atmosphere i which discussion . . .
Keywords:  roles and responsibilities,teaching support,evaluation of faculty
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3   UNC Intercampus Dialogue on Peer Review of Teaching: Results and Recommendations
In 1993 the UNC GA directed all constituent institutions to design and implement procedures for peer review of teaching. IN 1996, the Carolina Colloquy for University Teaching received a grant from UNC GA to design and sonsor an intercampus dialogue on peer review of teaching. 56 faculty from UNC . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,teaching support,faculty roles and rewards, research development
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4   Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching: A Practical Guide to Improved Faculty Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions
P. Seldin and Associates, Anker Publishing, 1999. Promises the ready-to-use and research-based information required to foster truly effective and equitable teaching evaluation. Covers changes and emerging trends and offers numerous suggestions for improving evaluation methods, avoiding problems an . . .
Keywords:  evaulation of faculty,junior faculty,post-tenure review,teaching support
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5   On Campus with Women (OCWW)
OCWW is sponsored by AAC&U's Program on the Status and Education of Women (PSEW). It provides readers with current information on women in higher education, focusing on women in leadership, the campus climate, curriculum and pedagogy, and up-to-date research about women.
Keywords:  gender-related issues,leadership,curriculum,teaching support
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6   Allyn and Bacon
On-line and hard copy higher education resources catalogs available. Books cover topics such as: diversity, junior faculty, teaching support, part-time faculty, curriculum.
Keywords:  general resource
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7   The Academic Chairperson's Handbook
(John W. Creswell, Daniel W. Wheeler, Alan T. Seagren, Nancy J. Egly, and Kirk D. Beyer. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1990.) This handbook draws on interviews with 200 successful academic chairpersons from 70 campuses, who discuss their solutions to typical problems that occur in bridging . . .
Keywords:  leadership, departmental/organizational development, teaching support, conflict management
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8   The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine
This is one of the few, if not only, Hispanic journal on college campuses that reaches a broad cultural audience of educators, administrators, students. Covers communication in academia, positive learning experiences, contributions of Hispanic and non-Hispanic role models, observations on policies . . .
Keywords:  diversity, communication, recruitment of students, teaching support
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9   International Journal of Leadership in Education
Provides a forum for researchers and practitioner-researchers to consider conceptual, methodological and practical issues related to educational leadership in a range of professional and service settings and sectors. Features articles related to research, practice, commentary and book reviews. Ins . . .
Keywords:  leadership,curriculum,teaching support,duties and responsibilities
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10   Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning
Published by the Helen Dwight Reid Education Foundation under editorial leadership of AAHE. This is a well known and respected opinion magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning. AAHE members receive Change bimonthly, a valuable benefit of membership.
Keywords:  teaching support,curriculum,budgets and budgeting, change, leadership
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