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1  Problem-Based Learning in Biology with 20 case examples
Unlike a mimetic learning environment in which students only watch, memorize, and repeat what they have been told, PBL in Biology engages students in solving authentic biological case problems, stimulating discussion among students and reinforcing learning. This web page shows instructors and studen . . .
Keywords:  Problem-Based Learning, Biology.
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2  CAT: Motivating and Engaging Students
A useful resource on Motivating and Engaging students, offered by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at the Illinois State University. Provides useful articles, and links to other resources dealing with topics like Enhancing Student Learning, Motivating Students, Student Engagement, etc.
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students.
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3  A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
Presented as a series of suggestions for improving teaching, this compendium describes more than 200 teaching techniques that faculty members have found to be effective in their courses at the University of California, Berkeley. Taken together, these suggestions cover the major aspects of college an . . .
Keywords:  teaching tips
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4  Teaching Tips Index
The Teaching Tips index has links to various topics of interest to faculty. This website is created by the Honolulu Community College as a part of their Faculty Development endeavor. Included are articles from various sources, dealing with wide-ranging issues, such as Course Design, Difficult Behavi . . .
Keywords:  Course Design, First Day, Human Development, Teaching Techniques, Course Syllabus, Motivating Students.
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Publications Search - 9 results

5  Motivating Students
This web page answers many questions on the topic of Motivating Students that frequently arise in the minds of teachers. Presented in an easy to read FAQ style, this web site deals with topics like encouraging students, empowering students, making classes more fun, etc.
Keywords:  Motivating Students.
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6  Motivating Students - Links
This link, from the Teaching Tips index of Honolulu Community College, offers three very useful articles on the topic of Motivating Students, one of them being an excerpt from Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis.
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students.
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7  Motivating Students to use Learning Technology
This page offers suggestions of different ways that students might be motivated to use the technology that instructors provide. It helps instructors identify reasons for students to use the material available, and ways to convince students that technology is a useful, important and relevant componen . . .
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students, Teaching with Technology.
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8  Some Ideas for Motivating Students
This article, by Robert Harris, presents some very useful ideas to motivate students. He shows how reward, care and energy, along with many other things, play a significant role in motivating students, and he explains his theory by taking examples from the game of baseball.
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students.
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9  Motivating Students – Quick Tips
This page, maintained by the Academy for the Art of Teaching at the Florida International University, offers quick tips on Motivating Students. It presents strategies to enhance motivation in an easy to read and follow manner.
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students.
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10  Web-Based Technology for Engaging Students Across Vast Distances
One of the most important roles of the instructor, in a web-based instruction environment, is to intervene when a student or group needs help, in a manner that is most appropriate in a particular environment. A. J. Turgeon discusses this, and other related issues like Student Engagement and Instruct . . .
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students, Teaching with Technology, Computer-assisted Instruction.
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11  Motivating Minority Students: Strategies That Work
This book provides a set of suggestions that may be used to motivate minority students. The authors, Simon O. Johnson and Verna Jackson Johnson, provide practical and easy to initiate activities and suggestions that have been successfully tried in classroom settings by public school teachers. Publis . . .
Keywords:  Motivating and Engaging Students, Minority Students.
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12  The Craft Of Teaching: A Guide To Mastering The Professor's Art
This book, by Kenneth E. Eble, offers fresh insights on issues of enduring importance -- from how to help students learn and how to make the best use of the classroom to the nuts and bolts of assignments, tests, grades, and textbooks. Visit < http://www.cstudies.ubc.ca/facdev/services/newsletter/97/ . . .
Keywords:  Educational Theory, Motivating Students, Tests, Cheating/Plagiarism, Critical Thinking.
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13  Learning & Leading with Technology
Articles that appear in Learning & Leading with Technology are written by educators for educators: classroom teachers, lab teachers, technology coordinators, and teacher educators. Our readers - from raw beginners to seasoned veterans - have a broad range of experience in integrating technology into . . .
Keywords:  support k-12 teaching methods instruction instructional materials ejournal
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