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Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups Search - 3 results

1  American Evaluation Association
This international association is devoted to the appliation and exploration of program evaluation, personal evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves asessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, pesonnel, products and organizaitons to improve ef . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,evaluation of staff,program assessment,technology, teaching support
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2  Higher Education Management Associates (HEMA)
HEMA is dedicated to the capture, inventory and transfer of knowledge in higher education. HEMA promotes the concept of a knowledge manager to help institutions buld stock on their intellectual assets and move the organization from information management to leveraging knowledge, so that an institut . . .
Keywords:  planning, technology, management skills
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3  The Technology Challenge on Campus from the Perspective of Chief Academic Officers
A brief published in January 2000 by the New England Resource Center for Higher Education, put together by a group of Chief Academic Officers that met to discuss the challenges of technology on their campuses. They identified three categories that have implications for organization and planning: 1) . . .
Keywords:  technology,change,faculty roles and rewards
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4  Online Evaluation Resource Library (OERL)
This libary was developed for professionals seeking to design, conduct, document or review project evaluations. OERL is funded by the National Science Foundation. OERL's missions is to support the continuous improvment of project evaluations, as sound evaluations are critical to determining projec . . .
Keywords:  planning,diversity,technology,curriculum,faculty roles and rewards, program assessment
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Publications Search - 5 results

5  Things to Include in Your Department's Website
This article (Academic Leader, November 2001) proposes that a departmental website is often the first point of contact prospective students, donors an colleagues have with a particpular department. For this reason, it is important to present pertinent information in a professional, accessible way. . . .
Keywords:  technology, student recruitment, planning, roles and responsibilities
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6  Information Technology Development
Summarizes--and provides bibliographic information for--many references on strategic planning, with a particular focus on information technology.
Keywords:  planning, technology
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7  READiness InventorY (READY) tool
The READY tool is a decision engine to help institutions determine their organizational, cultural, financial and philosophical readiness to expand their use of technology in various realms of instructional and administrative activity. It is structured as a serious of self-assessment questions that . . .
Keywords:  technology, planning, professional development
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8  Idea Group Publishing books, journals and teaching cases
On-line and hard copy catalogs available. Specializes in books, journals and proceeding in information technology. Complements TLT information and resources.
Keywords:  technology (includes TLT, budgeting and planning for technology)
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9  AAHE catalog of publications
Offers a wide variety of publications for administrators, chairs and deans. Topics include: teaching, faculty roles and rewards, service-learning, assessment, technology, communication, diversity, post-tenure review.
Keywords:  general resource
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