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Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups Search - 2 results

1  American Evaluation Association
This international association is devoted to the appliation and exploration of program evaluation, personal evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves asessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, pesonnel, products and organizaitons to improve ef . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,evaluation of staff,program assessment,technology, teaching support
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2  The Evaluation Center
The Center's mission is to provide national and international leadership for advancing the theory and practice of program, personnel, and student/constituent evaluation, as applied primarily to education and human services. The Center's principal activities are research, development, dissemination, . . .
Keywords:  program assessment, evaluation of faculty, evaluation of staff
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3  The Administrative Portfolio
The Administrative Portfolio is a new and practical way to document administrative effectiveness. Often administrators have not had solid, concrete evidence of what they do, much less why they do it. The Administrative Portfolio one-day conference and optional second day mentoring session offers st . . .
Keywords:  professional development , evaluation of staff
Event Date(s): April 15, 2004 to April 16, 2004
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4  The Administrative Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Administrative Performance and Personnel Decisions
P. Seldin and M.L. Higgerson, Anker Publishing, 2002. Offers a guide to creating a document--the administrative portfolio--to provide open, factual and systematic evaluation of administrative performance. An adaptation of the teaching portfolio, the adminstrative portfolio brings together informat . . .
Keywords:  professional development, evaluation of staff, mentoring
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5  The Department Chair as Academic Leader
Irene W.D. Hecht, Mary Lou Higgerson, Walter H. Gmelch and Allan Tucker. Westport, CT: American Council on Education/Oryx Press, 1998. This important new work will help department chairs, faculty, and administrators understand and address the increasing complexity of relationships within higher ed . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of staff,evaluation of faculty,team building,budgets and budgeting,legal issues,fundraising,communication skills
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6  Enhancing Departmental Leadership: The Roles of the Chairperson
John B. Bennett and David Figuli. ACE/Oryx Series in Higher Education. Washington, DC: Oryx Press, 1990. Enhancing Departmental Leadership addresses specifically and concretely the responsibilities and demands made upon the chair. Organized into five parts, it begins with an introductory chapter b . . .
Keywords:  leadership,duties and responsibilities,departmental/organizational development,evaulation of faculty,evaluation of staff,conflict management
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