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1   Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time: A Key Role for Effective Academic Leaders
Meetings, often seen as a necessary evil, can be transformed into the most productive and motivational work chairs and deans undertake. The secret to this transformation lies in your ability to ask the right questions at the right time. This article discusses sharpening skills.
Keywords:  communication skills, leadership, conflict management
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2   The Chair as Conflict Mediator
This article in Academic Leader (May 2002) contends that conflicts within academic departments are inevitable--whether they result from competing priorities, misunderstanding or competition over scarce resources. The article's tips on mediation are from D. Jones (The Leader's Role as Mediator of Co . . .
Keywords:  conflict management, management skills, roles and responsibilities, leadership
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3   Managing People: A Guide for Department Chairs and Deans
D.Leaming, Editor, Anker Publishing 2002. One of the most challenging responsibilities of being a department chair or dean is to effectively manage diverse, independent and autonomous intellectuals--the typical college faculty. This book is a collection of 13 essays by experienced chairs, deans and . . .
Keywords:  communicaton skills,leadership,conflict management,recruitment of faculty,management skills,duties and responsibilities
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4   Mending the Cracks in the Ivory Tower: Strategies for Conflict Management in Higher Education
S. Holton, editor, Anker Publishing, 1998. With a particular focus on department chairs and deans, this book helps analyze the many kinds of personal and institutional conflicts most commonly faced in higher education and provides the necessary tools and methods for conflict management. Contributo . . .
Keywords:  conflict management,management skills
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5   Chairing the Academic Department: Leadership among Peers
Allan Tucker, Oryx Press, 1993. This book is a hands-on-guide targeting faculty, especially those with little administrative experience, who become academic department chairs. The author promises an in-depth examination of duties and responsibilities for anyone who is expected to provide ledership . . .
Keywords:  leadership,duties and responsibilities,evaulation of faculty,planning, conflict management.
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6   The Academic Chairperson's Handbook
(John W. Creswell, Daniel W. Wheeler, Alan T. Seagren, Nancy J. Egly, and Kirk D. Beyer. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1990.) This handbook draws on interviews with 200 successful academic chairpersons from 70 campuses, who discuss their solutions to typical problems that occur in bridging . . .
Keywords:  leadership, departmental/organizational development, teaching support, conflict management
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7   Enhancing Departmental Leadership: The Roles of the Chairperson
John B. Bennett and David Figuli. ACE/Oryx Series in Higher Education. Washington, DC: Oryx Press, 1990. Enhancing Departmental Leadership addresses specifically and concretely the responsibilities and demands made upon the chair. Organized into five parts, it begins with an introductory chapter b . . .
Keywords:  leadership,duties and responsibilities,departmental/organizational development,evaulation of faculty,evaluation of staff,conflict management
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8   Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
R. Fisher and W. Ury. New York: Penguin Books, 1991. Considered the negotiator's bible, Getting to Yes, will transform the way you view and handle the negotiation process. Become an adept negotiator by learning to separate the people from the problem, create options that satisfy all involved parti . . .
Keywords:  conflict management, communication skills, leadership, management skills
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9   The 3 R's of Conflict Management for Department Chairs and Faculty
W.H. Gmelch and J.B. Carroll. Innovative Higher Education. Vol. 16 (2), 1991, pp. 107-121.Innovative Higher Education Special Issue "Post-Tenure Review: National Trends, Questions and Concerns." Vol. 24 (1), Fall 1999. Editors Christine M. Licata and Joseph C. Morreale.
Keywords:  conflict management
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