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Thursday May 31 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference will be held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Current Practice in Technology-Facilitated Teaching and Learning

Notes for Session A

Current Practice in Technology-Facilitated Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Breakout Session A

Technology Facilitating/ideas/issues

Warm up activity…write one personal/professional/tech success…share with person

To help focus on collaboration

Each person shared what they learned about his or her partner.

--looking for ways to enhance teaching 

--several concerns with professional career:limited resources, time, money, and people are issues that are challenges they have to deal with on a daily basis

--many people have developed online courses to supplement their classes in a variety of ways

--several people are still novices

interests levels, identify immediate success, and see what is going on in the system, help with collaboration, identify novice and experts, establish a community

question asked about use of live video…develop content delivery system store presentations, get presentation and review for class still working out kinks

what is it you want your students to learn….

Define/rank critical issues related to best practices.

Four areas engaging faculty, develop of infrastruture—issues in classroom , support for professional development, web content development

How are issues changing?What is the process?

What are today’s techonologies?What would be nice to have?Emerging technologies Example: digital paperwhat would the impact be?

Resource sharing, Merlot project, national, design a content module so other people can use it…find online lesson on subject you need to incorporate into your teaching modules.Plato system is similar, catalog of lessons.

What to know…..faculty resistant to new tech, how do you get them to go along and learn new tech.How do you surpass?Have to do with the funding?—to make it available to people.Does everything have to be web-based to work with your children….

You can use in the classroom…more and more standard, broader can be more difficult.Teaching and learning with tech…can’t get faculty to use video how do you get them to use the web?Instantly think tech means “computer”

Tech broader:high definition TV can be used as a “tech”, data casting, interactive …have to think of tech in a different sense . . . redefine its uses.

Video IP

Teleconferencing becoming popular, connected with other universities , brought inspecialists to teach course, video and archive it,gave a chance to expand their scope

What will it take to faculty to put their content online?More competition between programs, causing less collaboration, is there a benefit to putting online, making content online, limit content, textbooks online available—violate copyright, cause problems, not tenured—no rewards—need benefits to put info online.

Logged activity of how much your information is being used…database, is it being used by every one or is it not being looked at?Who has ownership of this information, does the university have rights to your knowledge?

Intellectual properties…

Reward system…looking for waysto help deal with this problem

If you put it on the web it is public…assumption,issue of authorization ---give it to who you want to read it and learn from it, 

Can you contain your information for only those you want to see it…..competing with other schools…if you limit who you let see information problem, access with your info then access the other competitors

What ought and what is---ownership, have to solve this issue to move on and continue…pull it off at a state level, share resources within the state for online delivery and in class delivery.California has discipline communities—

What is scholarship and how is it defined?To be promoted, within profession, is it an issue?

Corporate entities,not worried about scholarship but rather ----University of Phoenix, not successful—failures may be attributed to instruction that is not appropriate for the web.There are things you can’t teach over the web.Have to thing about what you are teaching and what tech you are going to teach with.What can you do with a computer that you can’t do in the classroom?

Are we tech training or are we liberal , want someone (liberal education) who can contribute to society or a Microsoft certified person?

Theater, musical online, what does it do for someone else?If you can’t see it at all, it brings something

Trying to create news ways to use tech, not trying to teach tech.When it comes to education, chasing computer upgrades, going after the next best things, text based good, get a hold of the tech we have now.

Consider enhance the instruction, what about the student that do not have access, faster computers, etc….the gap that exists…how can we keep as a constant to help equalize …have to make a commitment….Who is this tech for?

Preservice teachers go to school systems that the connectivity is not there.Don’t have business or industry around.

Decreasing supply of teachers…what aboutmaster teacher take and have her teach a subject in several schools, how can we use tech to improve those areas that need to be looked at?Have to be practical. 

Student s that attend schools that have the computers at school, but what happens when student has to complete assignment at home, but does not have access outside the classroom,digital divide b/w the universities as well---as well as each program is divided.

People have to rethink what tech is used for…

The more faculty has to keep up with, more time is required,how much is it content based, trade off---becoming tech savy/being current in your field.

Tech facility teaching,faculty has to want to do it and has to ask how to do it…need the resource, train in the mindset, what is the min I can do my best….have to have a resource person to go to.

Has to be content driven, look at content and how can I better teach this , what tools can I use to get curriculum across?So they can use these practices once in the classroom.Who are trying to reach?

Faculty has to think about how and why what they are teaching when thinking about using tech in their lessons…have to think about ways of delivery…how does it match with their students…faculty have hard time dealing with this, due to not being trained.Have to incorporate training that they never had.How can I make teaching easier for you?

Transforming university…these things must occur for some reason….trying to get campuses on same level and start from there.

Things have to be fundamentally done in order for faculty member to embrace tech.To make sense of what are better ways to teach.Faculty need support

TLT service not an IT service.

Need to take the time to collaborate.

Support has to be provided to benefit education strategies in the classroom 

The digital divide…lots of parts and lots of people that are being left behind.Faculty is the same, generationally…UNC has responsibility to those that are being left behind.

Need access within the UNC system. Have resources to close the divide, …investors want to know how you are capitalizing on this investment?

Need to make public aware of what is available.

What do we expect as outcomes?How do they know how to analyze that technology.Have to have some critical thinking skills in order to do this.Have to help the students to deal the technologies.Have to get them to think that everything is not on the web.Internet does not contain all the knowledge in the world…..Make them truly understand what the Internet is about.

John Seely Brown, entitlement to the university student…need to focus on critical thinking skills . . . too much emphasis on tech.

Notes for Session B

Notes will be available following the session.

Notes for Session C

Notes will be available following the session.

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