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Thursday May 31 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference will be held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Notes for Session A

Beyond PowerPoint and WebCT: 

What the heck is Teaching and Learning with Technology-and 

Is it Consistent with other Educational Goals?


Why I am Here?

Nursing- believe technology should be driving what we are teaching, I need to learn

Instructional Technology person I need to know how and why we need Technology

The 2nd in the TLThow do I use it effectively

Assoc. Provost Ė interested in the topic because we need a plan that incorporates distance learning and we are creating an E Learning Center 

General studies school of arts Ė I crafted all the C words ĖNew dean with faculty that is working with the reluctant to adapt and the willing to try technology

NC State Zoology- use some tech, I find the pedagogy part to be more challenging. I have to find new way to teach without just lecturing

Pembroke- Chemistry and Physics- how to incorporate technology in to my program to make my job easier an effective

1st year composition program- pilot- personal digital assistance, I ask why are we doing this? I need to understand ways to use Tech and help my students.

Resident Techie: New ways to show how technology is useful and not just defend it.

Faculty Rep FSU Ė which courses should be online or not in the nursing program.:

I wear a lot of different hats- most central- I want to hear about the various layers, which has brought technology to this point.

How can we make this work in and out of the classroom?

What do we mean by ďteaching and learning with technology

Well does the student know the concept?

Is it necessary to learn the times table by heart,

What we want students to learn in our classes?

How can the use of technology help us achieve our goals?

How is the use of technology related to other pedagogical tools?

Active learning 

Service learning

How is technology currently being used in the teaching and learning process

There seem to be such a strong emphasis on WITH TECHNOLOGY why not teaching and learning with CHALK.

Integrating Distance learning is just another method

Collaboration, communication, get the values in.

What gets lost in the use of technology?

Technology puts to much emphasis on the goal.

The best technology that you donít notice if it works and doesnít take to years to learns.

New tools for learning video, java, simulations

The difference is knowing something and knowing how to look something up.

Tech gets emphases more than is necessary.Too much airplay

People with vested interest thatís where funds flownot a lot of thought about how we are going to use thisthe cart is before the horse

Because that where the money is you have to say it and show it

A company accepted donations of a lot of software now have to re-invent the wheel to use it.

My mode of teaching is no longer effective-requires the changes in ones practices There is an attitudinal problem, am I going to have to change something I thought I knew. 

Marketability is forcing us to change to ensure what we provide to meet our students.

Are the student different, YES How do we address that

Why are we doing this, some have changed, poor rule folk that arenít changing, many are

Are we organized to reach the variety of groups?We get training on how to use Blackboard. Green weaver.

Growing expectation, I need to be using technology.I have to have a web site.

They should tell you why you need the Web site--- But I still got to have a website

The faculty doesnít have to be intimidated 

When it is complicated you must invest the time and energy to learn it and to implement it.

I can go out and give a student an assignment, he doesnít have to know how use a web page to get the assignment.

Get the faculty together to discuss what they feel works, their difficulties.

Some faculty member will never use or implement the tech.Assess it to ensure they are using it and how it is implemented and what is useful and isnít

External forces (administration,)

Chalk is cheaper-- If it is so great then why isnít it everyone using it 

The marginal cost exceed the marginal benefits How do we increase the benefits, the learning, the cognitive learning, How do you increase the benefits to meet the ever increasing cost

The students maybe wired but they resist using it to learn, to get them to learn outside the classroom, to build their curiosity to get them excited to learn

Those are the same issues we use when we teach traditionally.Iím using this to snazzy up the way we teach.

The students see distance learning as being cheaper because they donít have to leave their home.

Web-based courses at first, when it was new it was fun, but now they say we have to look up all those sites, thatís a lot of work.

A lot of see teaching being enhanced with lots of forms of technology, learn in a less linear fashion, create a course with the essential paths but allows the student integrate them with their interest

We can take literature full of hyper links, laws and treaties information, etc.That style of learning requires more of students.

A quarter of the students said they will fail, a quarter said this will fit in my life style and 50% said Iíd become frustrated and give up

The students know what they are willing to put forth more than teachers who are asking them to do this stuff.

Prerequisite skills chicken inspectors with GEDís the government sends them CD-ROMs to teach them and they donít know how to use the computer.

Some of us see that it breaks down time and space where as other canít see how it breaks down the time and space through the use of distance learning and asynchronous

The hard things are still hard to teach, they are still there, and it doesnít ease those areas.

Some colleagues are using it poorly, just putting their notes on line.

The lecture notes on line allow the students to focus on the material in class.We have to rethink the way we teach I gave up my wonderful power points and went back to class scenarios 

COST ten years from now if it works we will consider it an investment if not we will see it as a liability 

Not successfully integrated into our teaching.

Part of the confusion is when we say teaching and learning, there has been computer technology on campus for years.

There are innovative people in a conference, and people who have allowed the changes to be incorporated.

Know the subject

Be organized

Provide encouragement

Technology should be about 25% of a teaching and Learning Conference

We are experiencing a mind shift; we used to go to a certain place to access information, now you donít have to go anywhere to get information.IT is everywhere.

We are not educating factory workers now.

The key is if you can solve that puzzle in 15 minutes greatwe want students to search several link to write their paper not just the first 2 they find.

The bottom line is your ability to the job done.HBC- argues a Black university should not lean toward just getting the training, where will the big ideas come from for society over the next hundred years.Does Iíve learned a lot mean I got lots of information, pick up info, choose to use it or doníteven forget it

What knowledge means is on shifting sands.

A lot of what is called information is just a bunch of BS.

Theyíve missed something, how to evaluate what is good information, there is so much to sift through.

Technology is a great part of what we consume.

If came online then it must be right? is trying to sell the music not try to tell you the truth or the actual facts.

Information overload develop the discipline so they detect an actual fact.The Exam study pacts use to have lots of facts but now they have readings, that you have to weed through and without a knowledge base you may have difficulty.

When you have the spell check why do you need to know how to spell?

If you donít know how words work or how numbers work you are just waiting on a computer to do it for you.Is it still a skill that is necessary?

What is TLT?

Thatís a joke about pornography.

What should it be?

I think we did some teaching and learning in this room with low technology.

Proposed some scenarios

Provoked us to rethink teaching and learning

A whole rethinking of pedagogy.

Book: The printing press as agent of change in early social change in Europe

Einstein is the author

Define it




If we really defined T and L then T become a tool

We all buy into a different philosophy of learning so we embrace it differently.

Scientist what is TLT Ė what am I going to do about it and why?

The active facilitation of learning creating an environment where learning can occur

Learning is Cognitive, behavioral, affective, social, emotional, transformation of information into knowledge)

Technology:A tool to accomplish facilitate teaching and learning

Teachers will use it to teach / students will use it for learning.

Color chalk was exciting my daynow I want to see a PowerPoint 

The PowerPoint is no better than chalk; it is how you use it!

Sometime the tool tends to dictate or change what we are trying to get across to fit the PowerPoint

Does the tool help me effectively get the job done?

If every tool looks like a nail how do we stimulate the student, everything looks the same.Is there a difference?

Think about the teaching process.Technology forces you to think about the teaching process. 

Information transmission

Active encountering of information you want them to play with it 

In science we look for commonalities

How you use the technology is what matters

Matching the tool with the teaching & learning objective

Results drive what technology should be used

We need to determine the teaching & learning objectives first

A live recording is different, fro an actual stage presentation

A written version is different from one with a hyper link with picture pop ups

Assessmentnot how we use it 

Now that you have used it assess it to see if we achieve what we set out to achieve.

Need continual assessment of results with respect to the use of technology.

If we set up this condition, implement it, then test your results, and use the result to analyze our teaching, is it effective?



Technology: A necessary part of Career Preparation
Examples: Nightingale monitoring Systems ĖNursing, Instructional Technology courses Ė Education

CAD Programs - Architecture, GIS Ė Geography, criminal Justice, Political Science and Health 


Technology: Enhance Learning
Examples: Foreign Language Lab Activities, Grammar help page, Maple software programs to solve algebraic formulas in different equations.


Technology: Liberal Education
Example: Accessing and assessing information sources, converting the information into knowledge, and communicating via e-mail and other forms of electronic communication.


Technology:Community Building
Examples: used to increase student interaction in small groups or to collaborate in-group problem solving.


Technology: Class management 

Example: Test scoring, grade calculations, student progress reports, development of test, question banks, supplemental tutorials, and/or formative learning activities.


Technology: Distant Learning 

Example: Provide materials and other learning activities to students off campus through video, web-based courses, television, etc. 

Notes for Session B

Notes will be available following the session.

Notes for Session C

Notes will be available following the session.

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