2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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2003 Conference Evaluation

Respondent information

Primary Role:

How would you rate the following items?
Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
The conference facilitated knowledge sharing among participants
I found new contacts and opportunities for future collaboration
The conference was a valuable professional development experience for me
I learned material that will be helpful to me in better performing my job responsibilities
The session topics were important and timely TLT issues
I look forward to the benefits of attending next year's conference

How well was the conference managed?
Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
Electronic Information (web site, news updates)
Online registration
Participant materials
Conference center facilities
Overall organization of the conference
Dates of conference
Quality of Food

How would you rate the following items?
1 day 1.5 days 2 days 2.5 days
What is the appropriate number of days for future UNC TLT Conferences (excluding workshops)?

2 hours 3 hours half day full day
What is the appropriate length of time for future conference workshops?

Do you prefer to have the next UNC TLT Conference during a particular time of year?   no   yes
If yes, when?
Overall Comments

What session(s) was/were most beneficial to you? In what ways?

What follow-up activities would you recommend that the UNC TLT Collaborative pursue?

What should we do differently at the next TLT Conference?

What should not be changed for the next conference?

Additional comments

Overall satisfaction rating
Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor

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