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TLT Collaborative: FY2000-2001

SOLID (Strategic Online Learning Structure Development)

The Strategic Online Learning Infrastructure Development (SOLID) project was funded by a state aid grant from the UNC TLT Collaborative. The project's goal was to develop a UNC-wide resource to facilitate decision-making relative to course management systems (CMSs) and course content development tools.

Areas of study included

Features of commonly used course management systems
Experiences of the campuses in linking CMSs with existing campus services
Online resources relating to the evaluation, deployment, and effective use of learning management systems
Help desk and training support for faculty utilizing technology in instruction

The study team also developed a list of vendors whose primary focus has been on the management of online learning environments, created a related Request for Information (RFI), and solicited responses.


Related Materials

Project Report (available soon)

Sub-area Documents and Reports (available soon)

Early History

Original State Aid Grant Proposal (Course Management and Development Strategies Evaluation)


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