School of Health and Human Performance
Teaching Innovation Program 2003-2004
Project List
(Current: March 2004)


Online Communication (Discussions, Chat, MOO)

  • Use of BlackBoard Technology in Promoting Group Participation in the Instruction of Speech and Language Development to Undergraduate CSD Majors (most course readings also posted)
  • Interactive Case Studies on Blackboard (also included narrated PPT)
  • Multiple uses of Blackboard (presentation of ethical guidelines and cases with online discussion - Dance Ed)
  • On line BB discussions (student led)
  • Enhancing Discussion & Overcoming “Barriers” with Live Chat (MOO - PowerPoint also provided)
  • Blackboard Discussion Groups: ESS 220 research article critiques/ESS 258 legal/ethical case scenarios (content, readings provided)
  • Using Blackboard Discussion Groups to Facilitate Communication and Learning in Student Teaching
  • Use of an On-Line Moderated Discussion to Encourage Student Participation and Preparation
  • Integration of Multiple On-Line Strategies to Enhance Reading, Writing and Class Interaction in a College Level Personal Health Course (readings and handouts provided)
  • Improving writing and research skills by using discussion forums to delve deeper into audiovisuals presented in class
  • Using On-line Discussion Groups to Integrate Reading and Presentations
  • Internship Seminar Meetings Through Blackboard (Bb) Group Discussions
  • Creating an “On-Line Community” for the Graduate Internship Experience (students in remote locations)
  • Enhancing Active Learning Through Technology: Senior Seminar Innovations (student/instructor feedback)
  • Enhancing Student Communication Through the Use of On-line Discussion

Increased Access to Content; Content Presented in Multimedia Format for Enhanced Learning

  • The Use of Narrated Powerpoint Presentations to Improve the Integration of Material in an Undergraduate Pre-professional Course
  • Hearing Screening Procedures for Children and Adults (narrated PPT)
  • Untitled - Narrated PowerPoint Procedure (CSD)
  • African Dance: Living History - Living Culture (narrated PPT; video; audio)
  • The Use of Video Clips in a Blackboard (BB) Enhanced Clinical Course in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Role Play video clip with case study discussion)
  • Bridging the Distance - Student Engagement in a Large Lecture Course (narrated PPT with online quiz with in-class discussion of results or online discussion)
  • Using narrated powerpoint and wireless laptops to increase student learning in case-study based classes.
  • Narrated PowerPoints for Expertise from a Distance (included online asynchronous discussion with expert)
  • Creating one credit on-line health “content” courses for PHE.


  • On-line Student and ACI Evaluation Tools (Program evaluation)
  • Use of Case Method Teaching In CSD 622 Medical Audiology Class (students responded to questions in a quiz)

Blackboard Organization for Community Building and Communication with Students in the Field

  • A Language! Curriculum™ Practice Library
  • Development and Use of ESS EdD Online Colloquium


  • Computerizing The Student Tracking and Technique Feedback Processes (DCE)
  • Untitled - Online Internship Database
  • Construction and Implementation of HMT 412 as Fully On-line Class