2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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Developing Courseware for Teaching, Learning, and Dissemination

Wang, Shih-Liang (Sid)         (336) 334-7620
      Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
      North Carolina A&T State University

Abstract (up to 200 words):
In the past few years, the author has developed courseware in kinematics, machine design, and pre-calculus math to help teaching and learning. At this time, one courseware project has been released and several others are to be released this year by a textbook publisher. The author has been using a laptop computer with LCD projector in the past few years for classroom teaching, and has developed courseware in motion simulation and in engineering computation with graphical representation. The objective of the courseware is to help the author teach more effectively with comprehensive examples, and to help students learn, especially those visual and active learners. Courseware in motion simulation is developed based on Working Model 2D and visualNastran 4D, and the courseware is organized in html files with hyperlinked text, photos, videos, and simulation files. MATLAB courseware is developed for machine design, kinematics and pre-calculus math. Extensive use of Graphical User Interface (GUI) in MATLAB makes the courseware easy to navigate and rich in graphics and help information. Dissemination of the courseware is to help colleagues and students in other campuses. In order to gain financial resources to sustain these projects to make them complete and useful, the author has worked with a textbook publisher to adopt the courseware for companion CD’s to textbooks and for learning resources in the publisher’s website.

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Poster session (all day, 45 minutes interactive)

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