2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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Challenges, Content, Collaboration, and Creativity: LIS and Distance Education

Reinhart, Dr. Julie         (336) 256-0162
      Assistant Professor
      Library and Information Studies
      UNC Greensboro
First co-presenter: Barron, Dr. Pamela    
Organization: UNC Greensboro
Second co-presenter: Dickinson, Dr. Gail    
Organization: UNC Greensboro
Third co-presenter: Hersberger, Dr. Julie    
Organization: UNC Greensboro

Abstract (up to 200 words):
Distance education allows many excellent students access to quality education by expanding the educational opportunities that are offered. Programs that provide distance education rapidly find themselves confronting practical delivery problems. We offer some solutions to a few of these important problems. Our student population has benefited greatly from distance education because of the flexibility in time and physical location that it affords as well as the increased pedagogical opportunities. Program success has further increased the demand for distance courses. However, institutional constraints on budget, faculty and studio space do not allow for increased program offerings. These constraints have provided the impetus for us to become creative with distance course delivery and scheduling. The faculty collaborates to develop methods to meet the needs of our students, professional field and institution, while taking into account course content and course activities. This presentation includes a discussion of collaborative processes for determining course delivery methods and course scheduling. There will also be a discussion of our solutions to our program expansion challenges. Our solutions include shared TV time, hybrid courses and scheduling synchronous online discussion times in the course bulletin. Additionally, we will present student feedback.

Session type:
Poster session (all day, 45 minutes interactive)

Time slots:
P1 - Th 4:45 - 5:30


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