2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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Workshop: Using Handheld Computers to Apply Principles of Effective Instruction

Moallem, Mahnaz         (910) 962-4183
      Associate Professor of Instructional Technology
      Specialty Studies
      UNC Wilmington
First co-presenter: Kermani, Hengameh    
Organization: UNC Wilmington
Second co-presenter: Sue-Jen, Chen    
Organization: UNC Wilmington
Third co-presenter: Jolly, Jeff    
Organization: UNC Wilmington

Abstract (up to 200 words):
The workshop will be divided into two sections. The first section will explain and demonstrate how handheld, wireless computers can be used to improve face-to-face instruction. It will show how for the first time new technology makes it possible to fully apply principles of effective instruction (old technology) in practice. It will demonstrate the process of applying principles of instructional design (effective, research based instruction) in the design and development of a unit of instruction using handheld wireless computers. Some evidence of the effects of such design particularly continuous assessment and immediate and delayed feedback on the quality of instruction and student learning in a higher educational institution will be presented to convince the participants of the effects of applying such principles in the design of a face-to-face instruction. The second section of the workshop will focus on providing hands-on experiences for participants. In this sections participants will collaborate and will be guided to design and develop a unit of instruction incorporating handheld, wireless computers using their own selected topics and goals. During this process participants will be provided with a handheld computer and learn how to use course management system to develop proper lessons and assessment systems and learn how to use Student Response System to develop interactive instruction. It is expected that at the end of this workshop participants will be able to describe and apply the principles of instructional design or effective instruction in the design of a unit of instruction using handheld computers. They will also be able to demonstrate how to use handheld computers and develop online assessment tools using an internet-based course management system and how to use Student Response System to make their instruction interactive. The participants will be provided with a handheld computer at the beginning of the workshop and will be able to actively participate in both sections of the workshop using their handheld computers. In other words, for the first section of the workshop participants will play the role of a learner and in the second section of the workshop the participants will play the role of a teacher/instructional designer.

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Session type:
Hands-on workshop (3 hours)

Time slots:
WS - Sa 9:00 - noon

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