2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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PDA Applications in Education: Time for Renewed Consideration

Swanzy, David         (504) 738-1998
      Adjunct Professor
      North Carolina School of the Arts

Abstract (up to 200 words):
PDA software, hardware, and various peripheries have multiplied and improved exponentially during the last two years. Among the promising developments are PocketPC 2002, extended wireless capabilities, greatly increased processing speed and storage, enhanced multimedia functions, the mobile Flash player, and a growing number of specialized applications. Still, few usable learning objects are being produced, and education continues to lag behind the business and news updates. The presentation will emphasize multimedia uses rather than the standard organizational functions, but those basic tools that have a direct application in education, such as data storage/organization and reading/writing text material, will not be neglected. Also reviewed will be the continuing problems that remain and are created by such rapidly developing technology. Notably, standardization is not a product of the present commercial environment, wirelessness is still in its infant stage, and costs are substantial. Examples, commercially available and self produced, will explore basic techniques of html editors such as Dreamweaver; converted Powerpoint presentations, Flash learning objects that synchronize sound with a slide show, video in both the Windows and Real players, and specialized authoring tools. It is hoped that an outcome of the presentation will be a realization by potential producers for the PDA that the challenges to be faced are not overwhelming.

Session type:
Short presentation (20 minutes)

Time slots:
C8 - Fr 3:30 - 4:15

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