2003 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 2729, Greensboro, NC

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Online Assessment in Undergraduate Biology Education: Strengths, Limitations and Lessons Learned

Weintraub, Jory         (919) 843-9035
      CELL Coordinator, Biology Instructor
      UNC Chapel Hill

Abstract (up to 200 words):
Whether it is bundled within a courseware suite or used as a stand-alone application, online assessment software can be a powerful tool to enhance undergraduate Biology courses, both in-class and asynchronously. However, as with many instructional technology (IT) tools, online assessment has limitations and pitfalls. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the online assessment tools that are currently available, as well as how these tools can be effectively used to enhance comprehension of basic concepts in Biology. This will be followed by a detailed discussion of the relative strengths and weaknesses of two of these tools - QuestionMark software and Blackboard Assessment tools - which have been used extensively by the presenter over the last three years in upper division Biology courses. Future applications, including use of handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) to implement in-class assessment, will also be discussed.

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Session type:
Short presentation (20 minutes)

Time slots:
C5 - Fr 10:00 - 10:45

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