The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning
The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching & Learning is a regional membership organization that supports and promotes outstanding college teaching at public, private, and tribally-affiliated colleges and universities. The Collaboration offers programs and services that: *provide professional support and renewal for those who want to enhance student learning through involvement in an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary community of peers, *identify trends and issues that affect teaching and learning and prepare faculty and staff to meet them; *identify, disseminate, and foster effective approaches to teaching, learning, and faculty development, and *engage members of the academic community in the collaborative, scholarly examination of their practice as teachers. (Check out the site's list of links.)
Keywords: interdisciplinary issues,teaching support,departmental/organizational development, faculty role and rewards
Focus Area: Administrative Development
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups
Entry Date: August 23, 2002