University Management 2010: Challenging Choices and Difficult Decisions
W. A. Sibley. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press, 1998. For this country to grow together and compete effectively internationally in the next millennium, the university community must establish new goals to maintain the necessary educational and expertise levels. Dr. W.A. Sibley argues that the management of higher education must change over the next decade to achieve these goals, and offers a review of the present opportunities and pressures in higher education institution management and ways to meet these challenges. The reader is asked to be involved in solutions of real-life situations. The focus is on Chairs, Deans, and Vice-Presidents who must take information from diverse sources and apply wisdom in order to promote vision, formulate policy, help people, determine priorities, and manage events. (Catalog).
Keywords: management skills,information/data management,leadership,departmental/organizational development
Focus Area: Administrative Development
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Publications
Entry Date: July 30, 2002