National College Testing Association
The National College Testing Association (NCTA) is an organization of testing professionals in post-secondary institutions and testing companies. NCTA, formerly MPACT, developed from a regional organization founded in 1988 to a national organization in 2000, and focuses on issues relating to test administration, test development, test scoring, and assessment.

Membership is open to testing professionals in colleges, other post-secondary settings, and testing companies. NCTA has more than 700 members in the United States. Communication and professional development are promoted in numerous ways, including a newsletter, a listserv, an annual national conference, and more.

This site includes lists of conferences and testing centers, NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines , and listing of testing centers across the country and abroad that are willing to provide proctoring services to students away from their campuses.

Keywords: Testing Grading & Assessment
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Entry Date: May 17, 2002