Creating Learning Centered Classrooms: What Does Learning Theory Have To Say?
In this book, the authors Frances K. Stage, Patricia A. Muller, Jillian Kinzie and Ada Simmons, carefully examine the frameworks that have been established for the college classroom, and review the research and theories that relate to students' learning. They examine attribution theory, college students' self-efficacy, social constructivism, and Fiere's theory of conscientization, and review the theories that either support or refute popular assumptions about the college classroom. Visit < > for a review of this book. Published By: The George Washington University; ISSN: 0884-0040ISBN: 1-878380-84-2; No. Of Pages: 145.
Keywords: Education Theory, Teaching and Learning.
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Publications
Entry Date: May 7, 2002