Collaborative Learning Using Online Tools
CLUOT is an online tutorial designed to inform classroom instructors on the effective use of online tools for communication and collaborative learning. Participants learn practical technology skills as well as methods to use these skills effectively in the classroom. This tutorial begins by introducing and explaining the differences of asynchronous and synchronous tools. This discussion continues to describe the benefits of each tool and the situations where individual tools are most effective. Real examples of how online tools are currently being used in education are provided. Participants learn how to meet educational objectives, how to create effective lessons, and how to foster collaboration using online tools. CLUOT uses activities, exercises, and example Web sites to supplement the tutorial material. You must register at the Web site provided before viewing Collaborative Learning. This tutorial can be taken at any pace and requires approximately 3-5 hours of work.
Keywords: Online learning, online tools, asynchronous communication, synchronous communication, online collaboration, faculty development, participation, California Community Colleges
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Workshops and Training Materials
Entry Date: May 6, 2002