Educause Institutional Readiness Assessment Tool for Technology
The READiness InventorY system, as it was envisioned and as it is evolving, is designed as an educational tool, to be used by groups of people (teams, committees, staff) at institutions of higher education that are grappling with decisions about the use of technology. The READY system has three primary purposes - to help provide:
* a conceptual framework for complex decisions (identify the key questions and issues that should be considered);
*a context for a process on campus that encourages and supports useful dialog about those key questions and issues;
* and a more interactive medium for dissemination and leveraging of intellectual content developed elsewhere.
Keywords: eLearning, online learning, technology planning, readiness assessment
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Policies and Procedures
Entry Date: April 12, 2002