W3C's Curriculum for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
W3C provides curriculum for teaching Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. This curriculum comprises: (1) An Introductory section ("The Introduction Set") which goes over appropriate use -- some cautions and disclaimers, how to use and navigate the curriculum, (2) Guidelines for Web Content Accessibility section ("The Guideline Set") presents each Web Content Accessibility Guideline separately and explains why following this guideline is important to the accessibility of a web site, a web page or a web application, (3) Checkpoints for meeting the Guideline requirements section ("The Checkpoint Set") goes over one or more "checkpoints" as they relate to each Guideline and what you need to consider when attempting to meet a guideline, and (4) Examples for implementing the Checkpoints section ("The Example Set") has slides that show examples of how to implement each checkpoint.KW: Assistive Technology, ADA Compliant, American Disabilities Act, access, disabilities, disability, disab
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Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Workshops and Training Materials
Entry Date: July 3, 2001