National Institute for Literacy (NIFL): Literacy and Learning Disabilities
Using the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) which is a cooperative electronic network, the NIFL provides special collections that focus on specific high-quality literacy practices and materials for use in adult education and literacy programs. One of those area is Literacy and Learning Disabilities. Much of the preparation for this collection was completed by the National Center for Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities between1994 and 1999. That Center's major product, Bridges to Practice , A Research-based Guide for Practitioners Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities, will soon be a featured component of this collection. This site is now maintained by the Center for Literacy Studies at The University of Tennessee. There are hyperlinks to many additional resources. KW: Assistive Technology, services, ADA Compliant, American Disabilities Act, access, learning disabilities, disability, disabled, literacy practices, adult education, literacy programs
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Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: USA
Resource Type: Online Collections (databases, lists, etc)
Entry Date: June 27, 2001