Rice University - Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
In 1995, Rice University established the Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning (CTTL) to address the ways in which information technology can expand and enrich education on the Rice campus as well as in other settings. The mission of CTTL is threefold: envision the "system after next" engage faculty, students, and community in testing models of the "system after next" educate others about the results of research and experimentation The "system after next" refers to a way of looking at technology, people, and processes in anticipation of the future. The vision which results can be used to plan from the future back to the present. Through a constant cycle of imagining, using, and evaluating, collaborators will discover innovative applications of technology which enhance educational outcomes.
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Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: USA
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Entry Date: June 14, 2001