ELSIN: The European Learning Styles Information Network
The European Learning Styles Information Network (ELSIN) is an association of researchers, educationalists and trainers interested in the theory and application of Learning Styles. ELSIN was founded in 1995 at the University of Birmingham during a Learning Styles conference organised by the Assessment Research Unit in the School of Education. ELSIN is an inter-disciplinary body attracting members from a wide range of disciplines and professional contexts.

The stated aims of ELSIN are to:

  • further opportunity for research and development in Learning Styles
  • promote collaboration with practitioners in various contexts
  • enable the dissemination of information about Learning Styles
  • promote international collaboration in research and development
  • facilitate events whic
Keywords: tlt, Learning/Teaching Styles
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups
Entry Date: June 13, 2001