Summary of The University of Georgia CMS Selection
Summary of The University of Georgia CMS Selection Contact Person for Additional Information: Greg Ashley ([email protected])

A list of 15 potential applications for the delivery of web-based instructional resources were identified by a committee of computer professionals at UGA. The list of 15 was narrowed to five: WCB, WebCT, TopClass, Virtual-U, and Learning Space. Over 500 faculty members on two campus-wide Listserv's were invited to participate in the selection and review process. Fifty faculty volunteered and thirty actively participated in the process. Local server installations, trail accounts, and demos were utilized. A Listserv was set up for participants to discuss and evaluate various applications. After a month or two of testing, participants held final discussions, provided feedback, and then voted on the application they felt best suited UGA;s needs. The final vote was overwhelmingly in favor of WebCT.

Keywords: webct cms lms solid course management system learning e-learning online
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Software, Hardware, Services
Entry Date: February 19, 2001