Associate Professor & Coordinator of Criminal Justice Studies
     Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice
     UNC Pembroke
     One University Drive
     UNC Pembroke
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     David J.W. Vanderhoof Associate Professor & Coordinator of Criminal Justice Studies The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Teaching experience in law school, graduate, and undergraduate programs, with concentration in criminal law and procedure, judicial decision, conflict management, death penalty, how a jury makes its decision, corrections and restorative justice. All courses are web enhanced and he taught the first online course at UNC Pembroke. He explores collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching. As a trial lawyer he appeared in federal court throughout the country for 20 years as prosecutor, defense counsel participating in civil and criminal cases of first impression. [Never lost a case or have one reversed on appeal] Some of his cases involved: capital murder, police brutality, political corruption, fire bombing, civil disturbances & riots, corrections, conspiracy, bombing, commercial fraud, drug distribution, obstruction of justice, prisoner rights, bilingual education, international business fraud, environmental concerns, employment discrimination, handicapped discrimination, housing discrimination, hydro electric production, firearms (production, manufacturing & possession), institutional reform (schools, prisons, juvenile facilities, mental hospitals & facilities for the retarded), public accommodations, right to treatment, school desegregation, special education, voting, and protection for wild & scenic rivers. He served in the administration of five Presidents and received awards from five United States Attorneys General and J. Edgar Hoover, Director, F.B.I. He served as counsel for The National Wildlife Federation ? the world?s largest environmental organization. Then he returned to school for a degree in teaching law. On campus we call him Dr. V. Note: Of course I am the ?Father of Webcasting? at UNCP creating ?Live at UNCP? since 1996, Webcasting UBCP Basketball, Graduation and events like this. Prof David on Teaching That which touches me most is that I had a chance to work with people. Passing on to others - that which was passed on to me. To me young people come first. They have the courage where we fail. And if I can but shed some light as they carry us through the gale. The older I get, the better I know, that the secret of my going on is when the reigns are in the hands of the young who dare to run against the wind. I take my creed as an educator from a song "We Who Believe In Freedom" by Sweet Honey In The Rock, into every classroom. It influences all my preparation, encounters with students and my desire to help.