ORR, Robert L
     Computer Consultant
     Public Information
     Western Carolina University
     Office of Public Information
     Western Carolina University
     Cullowhee, NC  28723
     828-227-7325  fax
     Mr. Robert Orr is the Web Services Manager for Western Carolina University. He has been an active member in Western's Freshmen Computer Requirement efforts, which began in 1997. Recently, his efforts have center on the development of the Collaborative Advanced Technology Area (CATA) at Western, a facility who?s purpose is to bring small groups of faculty and student together to collaboratively explore new technologies. His current activities include a pilot program exploring the use of palm size technology in teaching and learning and the development of a Multimedia degree program and associated facilities. Robert has also actively served the University of North Carolina Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative by managing several initiatives including a professional development retreat bringing together faculty development experts and IT professionals from across North Carolina. With a background in electronics and communications, he has been engaged with instructional technology for a number of years and enjoys exploring the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes for students. He is a past Paul A. Reid Distinguished Service Award winner at Western and continues to work for the proper blend of technology into the teaching and learning process.