By using the various Resource Types below in conjunction with the Scope and Focus Area, you will be able to more narrowly define your search. Choose all Resource Types, several Types or just one that best describes what you are looking for.

Benefits (HR)
Content entries specific to Human Resources throughout the UNC system.
People (specialists, consultants, facilitators)
A list of those people who have agreed to have their profiles listed in the TLT/PDP database. Examples other than portal users would be UNC or CTL directors that have also agreed to be contacted.
Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups
These range from university Teaching and Learning Centers to Associations to Registered Organizations such as ACHE.
Policies and Procedures
Content entries that point to formal policies at the campus level on up. An example of this would be the various levels of copyright issues from local to federal.
Conferences, Meetings and Events
     Future Only Past Only All

Content entries providing dates, times and expanded information on local, national or global conference and events. Items are listed in chronological order with the furthest projected dates first.
Projects and Initiatives
Content entries that showcase special projects from departmental, specific campus, UNC system wide or Globally such as the Sloan Foundation projects and initiatives.
Grants and Funding Sources
Content entries ranging from local departmental grants and resources to federal and global resources
Links to any kind of publications whether published or unpublished, white papers, TLT Board Reports or e-learning recommendations.
Networking, Collaborative and Sabbatical Opportunities
Content entries for faculty to look up opportunities within their own campuses and across all UNC campuses.
Software, Hardware, Services
Content entries providing "How-to's" along with other hardware/software services provided by individual campuses or state agencies.
Online Collections (databases, lists, etc)
Links to significant online resources other than the UNC Library collections.
Workshops and Training Materials
Content entries for departmental, campus, UNC, national or global workshops and materials. Entries might also contain training such as the CBT system.
  Other Resources
Choose this Type if you do not feel the other Types are appropriate to your needs. This might cover topics such as Foreign Languages.