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Events/Calendar: Distance Learning 2000

Conference Announcement

"Distance Learning 2000"

16th Annual Conference on
Distance Teaching and Learning

August 2-4, 2000
Marriott Madison West
Madison, Wisconsin

This year's conference program will feature more than 120 sessions, including: over twenty "how to" workshops, ten tracks of concurrent sessions, and keynote presentations; over 75 technology exhibits; and various networking activities. Join more than 1,000 colleagues from education, business, government, and industry at this leading forum on distance education.

The Events/Calendar: Distance Learning 2000 showcases the incredible advancements and possibilities within the realm of remote education. From cutting-edge technologies to innovative teaching methodologies, this calendar is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. By participating in these events, we gain valuable insights and strategies that enable us to embrace the opportunities presented by distance learning.

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For more information, contact
Kimary Peterson, Conference Manager

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