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Unexpected Modern Chandeliers Styles That Steal the Show

Choosing the right lighting piece makes an enormous difference in the ambiance of a room. Modern chandeliers are the best bet for the biggest impact in any space. Not only does a dramatic chandelier draw attention upward, but it also emphasizes the style of the interior, be it glamorous, industrial, minimalist or just plain modern. Fixtures can be large and imposing or spindly and airy — whatever strikes your fancy. Here are some different types of modern chandeliers that can really enhance your home:

A profusion of horn shapes makes up the Botti Chandelier by Delightfull. Each of the horn bells houses a lightbulb so that the fixture casts light in all directions. Inspired by American trumpet player Chris Botti, it is hand-crafted from brass that is finished in a luminous gold plating. This tribute to jazz music is a lyrical touch for any high-ceilinged space, from a soaring living room to a grand entryway.

Similarly, the company’s Brubeck Oval suspension light is an homage to jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. The sculptural chandelier is a mid-century modern fixture. The finesse of the legendary pianist comes through in the sophisticated design crafted by artisans. This particular one is gold-plated, but it is also available in other finishes. The oval stunner is an ideal chandelier to hang over a dining room table.

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