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Home Decor Ideas for a Huge Difference in Your Space

Changing seasons can fuel the desire for something new in your environment, from tidying up to freshening the decor in your house. It’s easy to swap out a few pieces or paint a wall to try and make things look different, but making the right impact is important. Sometimes a random new piece of furniture or an accessory isn’t enough. Some decor items provide more bang for the buck and that’s why it’s important to plan what you want to add and where.

Mirrors are a go-to piece for making a stand-out statement, especially when they are oversized. This is true for small and large spaces alike.  Not only is a mirror a large wall decor piece, but it also can make a room feel larger. The reflective properties make a dark space feel a little brighter too. To make a big impact, a mirror doesn’t have to include a huge expanse of glass. Choosing one that has a hefty, substantial or unusually decorative frame makes it an art piece too.

If the space is more modern and clean-lined, a large mirror with a narrow frame is the best choice.  In this setting, the huge round version is ideal for the mid-century modern furnishings. This example is striking also for the mirror’s placement. The automatic reaction is to center a mirror above the sofa. Here, the massive piece is hung not only off center but partially behind the sofa. This type of placement is not something that automatically comes to mind, but on the list of home decorating ideas, it’s a definite winner.

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